Heath benefits of having a pet at home

October 26, 2016

A stressful day is no more stressful when you get home from work and are greeted by an adorable friend who is happy to see you. The benefits of having a pet don’t finish there. Here are a few more:

Pets help lower your stress hormone

Petting or playing with an animal can enhance the level of oxytocin in your body, which is a stress-reducing hormone. Hanging out with a dog after experiencing something stressful makes you feel better.

Pets help relieve hypertension

Stress leads to a number of problems including high blood pressure and higher heart rate. A study shows most pet owners don’t suffer from these problems.

Pets help to improve your psychological health

People who own pets are often less self-centered than those who don’t. People who were suffering from psychological disorders are found to be happier looking after a pet.

Pets help in preventing heart disease

A study showed that keeping a pet significantly reduces the level of blood triglyceride and cholesterol, two factors that influence heart disease.

Pets help you exercise more (especially dogs)

Your sense of responsibility towards taking your dog to walks is often more motivating than going to the gym. Research shows that dog owners walk more often and take longer walks.

Pets always give you good company

Loneliness is one common cause of stress. There can be no better playmate and buddy than a pet. This is because pets encourage friendly interactions with other people and also provide companionship.


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