Fun ways to make kids do their chores

Nov 23, 2016

Ever come up against the distracted ‘I’ll do it later!’ rejoinder to your
exasperated ‘Why haven’t you cleaned your room yet?’ query? Ah! Ensuring that
your kid completes his/her share of chore is one of the most common arguments
mothers have had to battle since the beginning of time. Let’s be honest one of
the reasons your kid avoids it like the plague is the same reason you don’t like
doing chores: household tasks can be excruciatingly tedious. Here’s how you can
get yours to walk the line:

In the nick of time
Timing is a good way to hone your kid’s competitive side whilst getting him/her to
complete the chores. Throw down the ‘All right, let’s see if your room can be
clean in under 20 minutes’ gauntlet. If they’re not done in 20 minutes, then your
child’s bedtime is preponed. Now that there’s a cost linked with the
procrastination, the foot-dragging is archaic. In the bright side, you’re not a
nagging mum, after all!

Don’t be a taskmaster
Repeat after me: ‘chores are not a punishment’. In kidsville, making chores seem
like a correctional tool for doing hard labour for a misdemeanour. Simply cease
and desist from handing out chores as punishment. In the bargain, it’ll just make
your kid hate it even more.

Closing the net
We live in an age where your child is digitally connected to everything, their
friends, games, etc. Withholding WiFi privileges is certainly a creative way to get
them to do their chores. Only when they are all finished, do you handover the
WiFi password to access the internet.


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