Workouts that slow down ageing

Nov 23, 2016

Let’s admit it, we all dread ageing. Expensive creams, beauty treatments, desi
hacks, we do everything in our might to cease the incoming of the devil called
wrinkles. A slow metabolism, declining stamina, setting in of chronic illnesses
are some more troublesome signs of ageing. While you can’t do anything about
the growing numbers in your age, you can do a lot to stop it from showing. How?
A steady fitness routine. Creating a regular exercise routine helps you steer
clear of chronic diseases, helps build stamina and strong muscles, and keeps
you physically agile and just like that hide years off your age.

Frank Frisch, PhD, director of kinesiology at Chapman University in Orange,
California says that exercise makes you feel younger than you are. Here are
some workouts that will keep the real age from showing.


Yoga does not work on specific body parts but on your overall well being. Yoga
experts believe that yoga helps you stay younger for longer. There are specific
facial yoga asanas that help keep the wrinkles away. Agrees yoga expert Dinesh
Dagar, “Stress is the biggest killer today. Yoga helps reduce stress thereby not
letting its after effects reflect on your face and body.”

Weight Lifting

Most women shy away from weight lifting but that should not be the case if you
want to have good bone health. Fitness experts as well as medical experts
believe that weight training helps combat the onset of osteoporosis. However,
make sure that you practice weight training under proper guidance.


Squats target the biggest muscles in the human body. They not only burn
calories but also keep your legs strong. Most of us squat a lot during the day
without even realizing, which makes the perfect squat posture all the more
important. Picking heavy grocery bags or lifting a kid, they all require you to
squat. An incorrect squat posture can lead to injuries and you surely don’t want


There have been studies that say walking reduces the risk of dementia by one
third. Not only does it protect you from that evil, a recent study stated that
walking also helps improve your cardiovascular health. A healthy heart is a great
means for a youthful body.

Compound Movements

Celebrity fitness instructor Deepesh Bhatt says, “Compound moves are
extremely effective as compared to isolation moves. They give you an intense
workout in a shorter span. It makes you hit more muscle fibers and makes your
workout more effective.”

Cardio Training

Cardio is recommended even by many beauty experts for a younger looking skin.
Cardio workouts such as swimming, cycling and dance up your heart rates, as a
result pumping more blood in your body. Better circulation helps strengthen our
heart and give us a beautiful skin.


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