Natural home remedies for healthy nails


Nov 26, 2016

Apple cider vinegar:
Using nail hardeners or nail colour for long periods of time can cause
discoloration and brittle nails. Also when your nails are exposed to water for long
periods of time, they could turn yellow, and sometimes lead to nail fungus too.
Nail fungus thrives in alkaline conditions. To reverse this, treat your nails to an
apple cider vinegar bath. Mix equal parts water and apple cider vinegar and
soak your hands for 30 minutes at least once a day. Remove and dry thoroughly.

Olive oil:
A warm olive oil or mustard oil massage around the nails and the cuticle areas is
recommended by nail technicians. Do this once every day for about 10 minutes.
Massage in circular motions around the nails and cuticles to improve blood
circulation. This also keeps the nails well moisturised and the cuticle area

Tea tree oil:
Using tea tree oil is extremely beneficial as it has antifungal and antibacterial
properties. Besides tea tree oil also nourishes nails. Antioxidants present in the
oil maintain good blood supply to the nail,” advices Dr. Rashmi Manjunath, senior

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Beauty usage of Mustard Oil which you haven’t heard of!


ANI | Nov 22, 2016

Winter is here and we are all set to welcome it with much galore, celebration and
festivals. Naturally, these end-of-year events call for stepping it up a notch and
looking extra special; while this may sound a bit exhausting, look no further than
your kitchen shelves and rediscover the benefits of our own humble Mustard Oil ,
the goodness of which our grandmothers never tire of telling. On the same note,
Umesh Verma, Spokesperson at P Mark Mustard Oil has pointed some beauty
benefits of using Mustard Oil and looking your best this party season.

1. Imparts a natural Skin Glow: Since centuries Indians have been applying
Mustard Oil as body oil for massage before their baths. One can use it to
massage dry areas prior to a bath. For removing tan, mustard oil can be mixed
with besan, yogurt and lemon juice and used as a body pack.

2. Prepping your skin: Dry patchy skin is a common problem that we all face
during harsh winters and this can be a major hindrance while getting ready for a
party. One can apply a few drops of mustard oil and rub it along the face, let it
remain for few minutes before washing it in water. The skin becomes smooth and
ready for applying foundation and make up.

3. Perfect Hair Care: Who doesn’t want a glossy healthy mane to go with that
perfect dress and makeup? Applying mustard oil regularly on the scalp takes
care of winter hair woes like dandruff, itchy scalps, hair fall etc. One can do a hot
oil treatment at home with mustard oil and wash off hair with a mild shampoo to
experience healthier, shiny locks this season.

4. Protects your lips: Chapped dry lips can play havoc on the overall appearance.
Applying a few drops of mustard oil can heal chapped lips and is safer than
packaged lip balms. Ironically, one of grandmothers’ old remedies say that
sleeping with a drop or two of mustard oil on your naval will give you baby soft
lips in the morning.

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Weather proof your hair in 3 easy ways


November 5, 2016

So your hair is suddenly static and frizzy? Especially, when the weather changes,
ever wonder why? It’s because your mane is trying to balance an internal water
content alongwith the amount of water in the air all around it. Unfortunately,
damaged hair cannot sustain a proper moisture level. Here’s how you can
continue to have a cool mane affair!

1. Deep conditioning hair treatments make for great hair days because the
change of seasons or an unhealthy environment—dry heat air at home or the
central cooling at work—is not conducive to hair health. Deep conditioning
replenishes moisture, which tends to get depleted, thanks to dry heat or cold dry

2. With the onset of a new season or maybe a new out-of-town assignment, keep
your hair washes to a bare minimum. Say, twice a week. It will prevent your hair
from drying out too much. Also before you leave home for work, ensure you
completely dry your hair because the hair moisture combined with the cold, dry
air can further damage your hair by making it more brittle and dry.

3. Trim your mane regularly to keep your hair/length in great health during a
change of season or for combating pollution. In fact, hair experts say that every
six to eight weeks, one must get a light dusting of the ends to reduce the chance
of getting split ends or dry hair.

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