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10 sex tips from real women


October 26, 2016

Men are often left wondering what pleases women in bed. We spoke to
real women to get you the scoop right here.

Kissing in erogenous zone


Well-placed kisses go a long way in pleasing your woman in bed. Nape
of the neck or nibbling her ears excites her all the way to clitoris.

Dirty talk


Do not restrict dirty talk to bedrooms. Surprise her with something
crazy and kinky when you are heading home from a dinner. Tell her how
you will play your fantasies later.

Pay attention to her boobs


Women love men who know how to kiss, lick and bite her nipples. It
helps them achieve the best orgasms ever.

Let her take charge


If you want a woman to please you, let her take charge. Women love
challenges in the bedroom and this will be exciting not only for her but
you too.

Shower sex


We often hear about shower sex in fantasies. Play it out for her and you
will see her loosen all her inhibitions.

Porn fun


Men can ignore this for as long as they want, but women love watching

Doggy style


Yes, that indeed is a favourite position of many women. But make sure
you make it more adventorous by touching and grabbing her at all the
right places.

Don’t get comfy


Don’t let the daily routine get on you. Grab her when she least expects it
– may be right after coming back from a long day at work. Nothing will
refresh her like a good sack session.

Try the flirt mode


Women hate it when men turn sex into a monotonous act. Flirt with her,
indulge in foreplay and take time to get her in the mood.

Don’t hurt her


Biting all the right spots is erotic but not when you end up hurting her in
the process. Be gentle yet experimental.

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Here’s how bananas can help you lose weight


October 20, 2016

Banana is the most misunderstood fruit for weight watchers. We tell you ways this wonder fruit can actually help you shed some kilos. Here they are:

Since, bananas are loaded with potassium, they help in preventing water retention in your body, which in turn reducing bloating or swelling up of the body. This is one of the best foods for a flatter belly.

Rich in choline and all types of Vitamin B, they prevent the body from storing fat, especially in the tummy area. They do this by accelerating the fat burning process as they effect the fat-storing genes in the body directly.

This is something that most of us face, in spite of eating healthy or resorting to a proper lifestyle, we just can’t give up junk food cravings. Eating a banana when you crave for such unhealthy food is a great way to satiate your hunger and hence lets you avoid junk.

Loaded with all good things, bananas are rich in pro-biotic elements which help the growth of good bacteria in the gut, which indirectly aids in the proper digestion of food, indigestion being the most important reason for weight gain.

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